Maria Berglund, a professional singer and voice teacher, is the founder of Stemmespesialisten. In 2011 she started building her practice from scratch. Today she conducts business from her very own studio at Oslo Lydproduksjon.

Berglund’s experience as a performer, vocal coach and voice massage therapist goes back 17 years, and includes former teaching positions at all levels of the Norwegian performing arts schools. Still, she prefers being an independent vocal coach, as it gives her the freedom to focus on the student’s individual goals and motivation rather than a set curriculum.

Below you’ll be able to read more about the five different methods Berglund utilises in her practice. They may have different origins, but they largely concur regarding anatomical views and artistic performance. It is possible to combine different techniques in all lessons – all are compatible and will have a positive influence on each other.

The end goal is for you as a client to gain the tools to

analyse your own singing, and become your own vocal coach.

A lesson with Berglund will for the most part be structured by the wishes of her client. Personal musical preferences, goals and needs for bodily instruction are the central elements for designing a plan of advancement, and together you will determine which methods should be included in your lessons. Normally, each lesson will consist of a combination of several approaches.

When you purchase lessons at Stemmespesialisten, concert participation is included – at least once per semester. Participation is optional, and you’ll receive email notification of entry deadlines. This opportunity is made available especially for all those who dream of singing in front of an audience, and Berglund greatly encourages everyone to leap at the chance of being on stage!


Om du har klassisk grunntrening, vet du at klassisk sang krever mye – musikalitet, språkkunnskap, formidlingsevne, for å nevne noe. For de fleste er likevel det tekniske grunnlaget alfa og omega. Å opparbeide en sunn stemme som kan utføre alt man vil uttrykke – uten å bli sliten eller måtte kompromisse i lydkvalitet – koster tid, øvelse og god veiledning. Dybdekunnskap om instrumentet kombinert med erfaring med ulike problemstillinger, kan være forskjellen på suksess og skuffelse.

Berglund har studert klassisk sang og opera på høgskolenivå i ni år, og har erfaring fra alle typer klassiske konserter, sjangerformer og musikkhistoriske epoker. De siste fire år har hun brukt mye tid på kurs og privattimer med Susanna Eken, Anne-Margrethe Dahl og Randi Stene – alle med tilknytning til Det Kongelige Danske Musikkonservatorium og Den Kongelige Danske Opera. De tre underviser med det samme mål for øye: Å gi en individuelt tilpasset opptrening av elevens iboende potensiale, med tanke på å utvikle hele sangeren så vel som stemmen. Berglunds undervisning er sterkt influert av denne tenkningen.

Som elev i klassisk sang vil du få spesialtilpassede øvelser, med grundig forklaring på hvordan – og hvorfor – du skal bruke dem. I tillegg vil du selvsagt arbeide med repertoar. Du vil lære å synge effektivt på randregisteret med balansert trykk i stemmeleppene, og full kontroll over pust og frasering. Fra dette utgangspunktet vil du kunne variere sangen til å uttrykke alle dynamiske, musikalske og emosjonelle impulser som du måtte ønske.


Timani is a new approach to vocal and instrumental practice. It gives you greater understanding and awareness toward the physical and mental processes during both practise and performance. You learn to analyse how your body uses muscles, bones and connective tissue with your nervous system, and receive exercises to build your musical physique. Your force and coordination quickly improve with these exercises, and you’ll experience better sound, timing and phrasing.

Timani is a unique and holistic view of what happens during your making music. The exercises are designed to awaken physical experience and memory, so as to give access to greater parts of your body’s potential when you play or sing. You’ll sense that your stability and control improves, the energetic surge from the active parts of the body, as well as necessary relaxation in muscles we’d rather not have activated during singing or playing.

Timani may help prevent injuries and sick leave caused by wrongful muscular use – which is quite a common occurrence for musicians at some point during their careers. Timani is not a treatment for injuries that have already manifested, but the exercises may help relieve the symptoms, and sometimes even the cause.

The goal of practising Timani is gaining the body mastery to express your full musical potential, without unnecessary physical limitations.

Berglund is a certified Level 1 Timani teacher, and starts her Level 2 certification December 2016. Read more about Timani here: Timani


EVT is a method for voice control, which allows you to sing in whichever genre or style you want, without bias toward cultural or aesthetic ideals. This means you yourself will be able to define how your singing should sound – as long as you take vocal health into account. EVT is based on sixty years of scientific research, and you learn efficient ways to care for your instrument while experimenting which vocal expression you want to utilize.

EVT is divided in three separate disciplines:

Craft is learning how to control the various structural components of the voice. Each structure contributes to the sound and feeling of the voice. Control of these structures leads to unlimited options for changing – or maintaining – voice quality, without vocal strain. Craft is the foundation.

Artistry requires knowledge and demonstration of the stylistic elements of a performance practice. Artistry gives you the know-how to make your performance vision a reality. Commonly this principle applies to dramatic and musical endeavours, but there is also “artistry” in effective communication in a lecture, sales presentation, or customer service call.

Magic encompasses the indescribable experience of becoming one with your audience. Magical performances are breath-taking, goose-bump-raising, transformational experiences for both vocalist and audience. But these magic moments can be rare, unpredictable, and fleeting. Having a strong foundation of Craft and Artistry improves your chances of experiencing performance magic, finding that “zone” more frequently.

Berglund was awarded the Certificate of Figure Proficiency in January 2016, and is well on her way toward becoming a Certified Master Teacher – most likely in the summer of 2017. Read more about EVT here:


Voice massage is a term invented by Dorthe Kirkebække, Scandinavia’s only specialist in the treatment of singers’ unique bodily challenges. The laryngeal muscles aren’t doing all the singing work by themselves, and a voice massage therapist has a keen eye for the root cause of vocal problems: they often originate from the body’s overall condition.

A voice massage therapist uses their experience and knowledge to treat breathing musculature, abdominal muscles, the relationship between muscles in the jaw, throat and neck, back- and leg muscles, with custom made palpation and manipulation. In-depth knowledge on the sinuses with their mucous system, connective tissue and tensegrity are included in every individual analysis.

Voice massage could dramatically change technical difficulty, both on the spot and with regular treatments over time. The massage gives bodily awareness, better circulation and relaxation, and could easily be combined with Timani for training a more beneficial muscular use over time.

Berglund was and is a regular at Kirkebækkes voice clinic, and is herself a brilliant example of how voice massage may improve vocal health and technique. She’s logged about 2000 massage hours during her teaching practice over the past 17 years, and is in the process of becoming a voice massage therapist herself. The course programme and training is well under way, and includes elements from Axelsons Body Work School, The Anne Rosing Institute and coaching with Kirkebække one-on-one. Read more about voice massage here: Kirkebække


Beginners aren’t the only ones to experience so-called nerves when they go on stage for the first time. Many professional singers and musicians perceive their skills reduced when they’re under pressure. Performance anxiety, or emotional stress related to making music in front of an audience, often cause great talent to leave performing behind.

This reaction to stress is highly real, uncomfortable and harmful to the body, and Berglund has in-depth experience with the phenomena. The good news is it can be processed and significantly reduced. Berglund use techniques and exercises of relaxation, mindfulness and emotional connection with your body, when her clients face internal or external performance pressure – of any level.

Berglund will be certified as a Brainspotting therapist in November 2016, and through the Timani Academy she’ll add a certification in the Mind Detox Method to her toolbox in 2018. Read more about it here: Brainspotting and Mind Detox. If problems beyond her competence should present themselves, Berglund has the network to send a client on to the proper therapist.

I’ve experienced that Maria’s holistic and consciously sensitive approach has given me the tools I need to reach my full potential – over time. As a performing artist in a different field, I can confirm her methods are applicable for more than just singing.- Solveig, actress
Maria is one of the rare breed of teachers, who manage to keep an open dialogue with her students. She’s dedicated to you on a professional level. At the same time I feel I have a friend who cares about my voice and how I’m doing as a person.<br /> - Lidia, Musicology master student, UiO
Maria’s understanding of singing, with its origins in several methods and techniques, makes her tool box seem limitless to me – it feels like no problem is unsolvable. I am sure I could’ve studied with her as a beginner, bachelor student or master of performing arts. - Lidia, Musicology master student, UiO