Perhaps you’d rather sing with others than by yourself..? Or are you more interested in a one-day singing workshop, providing you with exercises for six months – at least? Then maybe one of these options are ideal for you!


The announced project “Oh My Disney” has been cancelled due to too few entries. Instead, we’re able to offer more practise time in our Christmas project. See right hand side for details.


This year, preparation for the traditional Christmas concert start in October – right after Oslo’s “autumn leave” in week 40. Every Monday from Oct 10, participants can join an evocative tradition: Christmas repertoire with tight harmonies, and solos for those interested in stepping forward! We’re on the hunt for the ultimate Christmas mood, whether we sing classical music or newer compositions. Repertoire will be determined after registration deadline, based on the balance of voices and level of skill in the participant group.

At least one concert is under planning, most likely in week 49.

Days of practise:
As the Disney project was cancelled, the Christmas project gained extra practise days – with no extra fees. We meet Monday  10/10, 17/10, 24/10, 31/10, 7/11, 14/11, 28/11 og 5/12. NB: no practise Monday 21/11.

Practise time and place:
OLYP’s grand studio, 19:00-21:00

2000,- plus a minimum of two singing lessons.

Registration deadline:
Monday 03/10 @ 22:00


This course is for you who wish to delve deeper into the technical aspect of your voice, to discover where the sound originates and why it has so many different expressions. The first part contains a lecture with video, images and three-dimensional illustrations, which gives the clients a basic anatomical understanding of the voice. Questions are answered consecutively, and we’ll make sure everyone understands every aspect before moving on in the curriculum.

The second part contains exercises and exploration of your own voice. Together, all participants test their vocal structures and possibilities for singing in new ways. This part of the day may be recorded on mp3 for reference, as required.

Course days:
Saturday Oct 15 and Sunday Nov 6 (optional)

Course time and place:
OLYP communal area and grand studio, 11:00-16:30 including lunch hour

1200 NOK, no other purchase mandatory

Registration deadline:
Monday Oct 10, kl. 22:00

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Maria’s teaching, based on the Estill Voice Training techniques, has given me a singing surplus. I’m virtually never vocally tired anymore.- Iselin, pop vocalist
I’ve tried more than a few singing teachers, but I’ve been a regular at Maria’s studio for a couple of years. She’s taught me a lot about uniting body and voice, and how I can work my way to a freer, healthier voice. At the same time, she supports and inspires me in my search for my personal vocal expression. Last, but not least, she is a generous person and I feel she has a great deal of warmth and compassion for me as her singing student.- Kristin, singer
Besides teaching me the all-important, correct voice technique, Maria has helped me develop as a performer. The proof of that was evident at my last concert, where I broke through boundaries I didn’t even realise I had. She is an invaluable pedagogue who follows your evolution as a singer closely.- Solveig, actress